Don't do this - when Mobile on charging

new Delhi. Last month, a shocking incident emerged from Malaysia. Here a CEO of a company died due to mobile phone blues. In the investigation, it was found that the person had been charging his phone while sleeping at night. What happened was extremely tragic. But it could happen to anyone. same with you. The mobile phone is for our convenience and fun. That's why we often sleep with our phones. Many times we keep the phones we charge for charging. The result of which is that you have to pay your life with the loss of your phone. Let's know about the mistakes that can cause your phone and your life during charging.

Avoid Full Charging
The most common mistake we make during phone charging is always to keep your phone full charge. We believe that by doing this our phone will stay with us for a long time. But this is wrong. This may increase your phone's chances of getting worse. It is important that you charge 80 to 85 per cent only. This will not result in your phone's battery over heat. This will increase battery life and you will also be safe.

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