LIC Launches Bigger Online Service, Benefiting From It

If you can not fill the LIC policy premium with time and you feel the hassle of depositing it with your branch, then this problem can end. Now you can get rid of all the hassles by filling out an online premium. Every insurer has given the facility to make payment of premium online. Today, we are going to tell you how you can make an online payment of LIC premium online.

Premium payment by LIC's website
For this you go to website. Click Pay Premium Options. Find out at this online service portal. Here you will find two options. Make a direct payment and make payments using a customer portal.
Simply do pumment
With this option you can do three types of transactions. Premium payment, loan repayment, interest payments can be made.

Go to the link and select the renewal premium in the dropdown. Then a pop-up window will open. Click on the Proceed button.
You need to provide information about the policy number, amount of premium etc. Keep in mind that all of your information is correctly entering. If you do not enter information on time, the session will expire and you will have to re-enter each information. Insert captcha code, I click on symmetro and submit.

If you have more than one policy and you want to paminate each one of its tops, you will be able to see it scroll down. Once you have added the policy number and premium amount, you can click on the submit button. You have the option of making a payment in front of every detail when you submit it after making a proper check.
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